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The company "Afina" LLC expresses gratitude to the Architectural Company "DE-Studio" for the successful work on the creation of the new concept and design of the supermarket chain "Afina". For the first time we worked with a team of professionals of this level in the field of retail design.
A competent and professional approach to the complete redesign of the supermarket was provided, a new style of the supermarket was developed, the interior, navigation and visual communications systems were thought out, and a new unique architectural facade of the building was developed.
The company "DE-Studio" perfectly coped with the tasks. Due to high professionalism and well-planned work, the chain of supermarkets Athena favorably differs from other trading networks and has its recognizable modern style. We got a new reading of our supermarket and clear prospects for development.
At the moment, we continue to work with DE-Studio on the adaptation of projects for new retail space, in connection with the development of the network.
Proceeding from the above, we characterize DE-Studio as a professional and reliable partner in the design of stores.

Whith best regards
CEO of the supermarket chain
OOO "Athena"
Volodin A.V.

Volodin A.V., Supermarket chain "Afina"

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