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  • Language school English First

    Language school English First

    The project of the English First Education Center on Gashek Street. EF English First - is the largest private educational…

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  • Language centre English First

    Language centre English First

    The project of the EF English First language school on Tverskaya Street. The project of the educational center is carried…

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  • Office Hankook Tire Rus

    Office Hankook Tire Rus

    The project was developed for Hankook Tire Rus, one of the largest and dynamically developing companies producing tires for cars,…

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  • Premium Apartment Alto

    Premium Apartment Alto

    Development of architectural solutions for the interiors of public utility rooms at the Alto facility, premium apartments on Novoslobodskaya, created…

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  • The concept of the art park Nikola-Leniv

    Design concept of development the territory of Nikola-Lenivets. The project provides for the construction of a farm and an architectural…

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